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Trenscend yourself into a new dimension in a world of endless possibilities!
Try your luck and skills at an array of games at our very own online casino!
With every virtual world comes virtual identities..
An old school gamer? Step inside our Barcade!



Cocktailbar ($COC) is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain with a limited supply of only 50,000 $COC Tokens, and which will be utilized throughout the growth of the entire Cocktailbar ecosystem!

To begin, token holders earn a % share of the Cocktailbar’s casino profits equal to their share of the Market Cap, to be distributed on a regular basis.

Potential future profits from other sections of the ecosystem will be distributed amongst token holders depending on event and/or release type.

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Welcome to the Cocktailbar Metaverse!

Create your meta-avatars, or use an existing NFT as one and show off your virtual identities at the bar!

The Cocktailbar Metaverse is an ever expanding, immersive collection of virtual environments and experiences that transcends users from all around the world, into a world of simulated landscapes designed with the sole purpose of elevating the users interactive experience with other members of the community.

Accessible through VR headsets, or from the comfort of your computers, take part in games hosted by us and our community and stand a chance at winning prizes weekly through community collaborations and more!

We will continue to further develop and grow our Cocktailbar Metaverse, and we’re even more excited to get to share each room and stage of development with the Cocktailbar community being the first to have access, share ideas and come up with new possibilities that would otherwise not be possible.

From surprising the community with an unexpected nightclub, and moon room. To a more recent virtual Cinema that can act as a podium for speakers to interact with and discuss their upcoming projects with their respective communities, the possibilities are endless! We look forward to sharing this adventure with you all, and to growing this with all of you, every step of the way.


If you can’t beat the house, own it !

With the impending launch of our new online casino, $COC token stakers will earn a percentage share of the Cocktailbar’s online casino profits equal to their % share of the total supply, to be distributed on a monthly basis.

Starting out small, with 4 Slot games, and 4 standard table games, with the option to plug in over 1000+ more games at any given moment by way of our gaming providers, allows us room to slowly but surely, with the suggestions from our community, be able to shape the best community owned casino, and to ensure that everything operates smoothly over a longer period of time.